社外交換パーツが1年でダメになった  Aftermarket parts did not last one year

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ベルト鳴きの原因はプーリーだった Fixing a squeaking serpentine belt



I wrote the article about a squeaking serpentine belt before. Recently temperature got lower rapidly, and the belt began to squeak when I start the engine. For now it stops to squeak after several minutes. However  I know it is getting worse soon or later. It is bothersome to check the pulley. 

Detach the intake support and air filter box.


Remove  the radiator cooling fan shroud and the cooling fan


Turn the 16 mm bolt or T50 torx on the tensioner clockwise to release tension and then pull off the belt. Loosen the 16 mm long bolt on the idler pulley and take it out.



I gave it a spin by hand and it spun round and round making a rattling sound. I replaced this pulley one year ago. At that time it stopped to spin instantly and made no noise.  Now it seems to have no grease in it.  Also I can see grease scattering around the seal. I detached the seal. It came off too easily. This may mean the seal is bad. But I can see a little grease remaining.



それまでどうするか? 仕方ないので1年前に取り出したプーリーをもう一度つけてみることにしました。というのも、前のプーリーも、外してから保管する前にシールを外してグリースを追加したのですが、そのときは結構なめらかになったという記憶があったからです。


I put grease into the bearing. I tried to spin it but the noise was not improved. I have no choice but to buy a new one. What should I do till then? I decided to install the pulley that I took off one year ago, because I remember that I put grease into it and got better feeling at that time.

The left is the old one.



When I spin the pulley, it doesn't make any noise and  is much smoother. It seems grease up effective. I put up with it for the time being. It made no noise when I turned the ignition.


I didn't expect the aftermarket do not last one year. You may stick to the brand even if you don't use the genuine. Are OEM parts suppliers reliable? I am going to buy parts from the shop which tells me the name of the parts maker. I will answer which brand the failed one was if you ask me directly.



テンショナーとアイドラプーリーを調達した  Procure the tensioner and the idler pulley




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