40度でATFを追加した。 I added automatic transmission fluid at 40 deg.

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I'm afraid of insufficient automatic transmission fluid. I had filled it at 50 degrees C, then apparently less amount of fluid was put in than drained. I decided to top it up today. I adjusted fluid level at 40 degrees. 500ml or more fluid went into the oil pan. If you are going to do it at 40 deg, you should hurry, because temperature rapidly goes up. You better put filler plug back in immediately rather than observing the temperature. Ambient temperature was 5 degrees C, when I did this job. It may be difficult to fill it on ATF temp at 30 deg, unless you do it under the condition of very cold climate.


Feel of automatic transmission got improved.


E46のATFを交換した。Changing automatic transmission fluid on my E46 cabriolet.


損保でノール 下取り



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