2番シリンダだけ若干ラフだったのでイグニッションコイルを交換した I replaced an ignition coil.

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  • I felt a little bit of roughness of idling. I looked at the status. It is LU tab on the Status screen. I hear that this status is looking at the duration time of the crank shaft sensor pulses.

2番シリンダが正常範囲内ですが他よりはバラついてます。No. 2 cylinder


  • I decided to replace the ignition coil because I had already changed all spark plugs. I wanted to use the ignition coil that I had bought before.


  • I removed the cover while cabin air filter and strut tower brace were in place. No. 2 is easy to be replaced because it is near you. You should put on the oil filler cap immediately.


  • This is a No.2 ignition coil. Bosch logo is on it. Body is white. You pull it out after pulling off the clip and connector. It may be stiff, but it only sticks in.


  • I put the Bosch ignition coil into the hole, that I bought for reserve. Different colour but same shape.


  • Five black ignition coils except No.2 are genuine parts that BMW logo is printed on. I don't know why only No.2 is different. I have no idea about the supplier of these genuine parts. Head shape seems to be different from the Bosch.


  • Again I looked at diag software. I don't find any significant effect. Roughness might be my imagination.



  • After I drove my car, I felt power increasing. You can say it's placebo effects.


損保でノール 下取り


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