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I started my blog six months ago. As of now top five of most views are as follows.

These are helpful to know what kinds of things interest viewers.

  1. 「レザーシートをアドカラーで補修してみた」の続き
  2. ダメもとでオイル漏れ止め剤を投入。  Putting in Oil Stop leak additives
  3. 久々にディーラーに行ってきた   I went to an authorized BMW dealer for the first time in a while.
  4. BMWは丈夫だ  BMW is reliable
  5. レザーシートをアドカラーで補修してみた Fixing leather seats 

1 & 5 レザーシートの補修は2件も入ってます。皆さんDIYでやろうとしてるってことですね。薄い内容で申し訳ないです。 As for fixing leather seats two articles are in the ranking.  This may mean that many people want to do it by DIY. However I am sorry that the contents are so shallow.

2 オイル漏れも共通の話題のようです。クレのオイル漏れ止め剤がSNグレードに使えない理由については、今回クレに直接聞いて調べたものですので参考になるかと思います。 Oil leaks are also common topics. About KURE System Stop! Oil Leak,  I surveyed things by asking Kure directly, which might help you.

3 ディーラーの話題はなぜかアップ直後にアクセスが伸びました。いつも対応が良いのでそのことを書いたのですが、世間では大体悪口を書かれることが多いので関係者が目を光らせているのかもしれませんね。The story about authorized dealers was unexpectedly extending accesses right after uploading this. I wrote this because their customer services were good. But they are usually spoke ill of on the web, so people concerned may be keeping an eye on the internet.

4 BMWが壊れやすいという話はどこでも聞くので、逆説的タイトルが興味を引いたのでしょう。You hear that BMW broke easily, so the paradoxical title may draw attentions.

これら以外で人気があるのは、 Other than the above, popular articles are

パワーステアリングフルードを交換したらハンドルが軽くなった  Changing the power steering fluid

チャイルドシートをISOFIXで付けてみた  Installing the child seat with Isofix

アルミテープでエンジン警告灯点灯    Engine warning sign appears due to aluminium tape. Erase it



As for the isofix of child seats, I couldn't find detailed information on the web including overseas sites,  so I looked for facts even by sending e-mails to BMW and Joie in UK.

I understand that the engine malfunction caused by aluminium tape is a rare case. Since I didn't verify the fact scientifically, this is only one of the possibilities.


To the contrary least popular articles are plastic models and minor DIY. I hope you look at articles about plastic models as well. 


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