ATF交換しようと思ったけどATF温度が高くて断念 I gave up replacing ATF on my E46 because of high temperature.

投稿日:2019年3月2日 更新日:


I had made up my mind replacing ATF on my E46 cabriolet today.

E46カブリオレのATFを交換しようと思ってフルードを調達したATF for my E46 cabriolet


In the morning temperature of ATF was 22 degrees Celsius. Ambient temp was 2 deg C and Engine temp was about 7.



I retured home after I had driven my wife to the station and been to DIY store. I think I drove my car about 30 minutes. ATF temp was 100 degrees C! It didn't seem for the temp to fall under 30 degrees C soon, though BMW says this job must be done when ATF temp is below 30 degreeds C.



If ATF temp is high, fluid expands and I'm afraid the right amount of additional fluid can't get into tranny. I might be able to only drain it, but I'm going to use my car next morning.

At last, I gave up replacing ATF today. I will do it when I don't use my car whole day before hot season coming.






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