20年前のルーフボックスを塗装してみたの巻き  Painting rooftop cargo box

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  • Kamei cargo box has been left in the outdoors exposed to rain, which I bought twenty years ago. It stands in the way unless being disposed of.  But I have a nature that I can't dispose of things easily.  Indeed this can't be attached to my E46 cabriolet, no matter how hard I might try. However I made up my mind to paint it in order to look better.  Oh boy, what am I going to do?  I have no idea.
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  • The surface of the box got rough, so I sanded it by sand paper of #100 and #240.  I hesitated to use a primer, because old paint was still left and the color was gray.  And I washed it with water only, because I didn't have a degreaser.
  • What color should it be?  I might say silver with a clear coating, black with a clear coating or matte black.  I selected matte black because the roughness can not be relatively noticeable.  And it is inexpensive because a clear paint is not necessary.
  • What paint should I use?  The common idea will be a car paint spray, but it is expensive.  My principle is to do-it-yourself at a low cost, so I would like to use a cheap one sold at the DIY store. And it should be for painting on plastic. I chose a water paint silicone color spray cost about 700 yen. It claims building a hard paint surface. The flexibility is unknown.


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