Wiechersストラットタワーブレイスの作業で大変なことになったの巻    I was in double-trouble installing a Weichers strut tower brace

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なんとなく付けてみたくなり、ドイツ製のアルミ製ストラットタワーブレイスを装着することに。Somehow I wanna try a strut tower brace, then decided to install it.


  • I bought a used one.  I make it shine using a compound and 'Pacal'.  Three mount nuts unscrewed easily .  34Nm for a nut with 21mm flange. I reuse them though BMW says not to.

アライメントピンが邪魔? Annoying an alignment pin


  • An alignment pin sticks out, other than stud bolts. Is it obstacle?  The plate of tower brace has only three holes for the bolts. I learn that this pin is easily hammered down. So OK to install it. It turns out not to be a problem.


ドジった   I made a mess

ナットをエンジンルーム内に落としてしまった! 下にも落ちてきてない。このままじゃ動けないからどこにも持ってけない。アンダーカバーに落ちてることを期待して予定外のリフトアップ。エアクリボックス、アンダーカバーを外したが、でも見つからない。さんざん探した挙句、ロアアームの上にちょこんと乗ってた。もうひと転がりしろよ。乗る方が難しいだろ!

  • I dropped a nut in the engine compartment!  I cannot find it on the floor. I was not able to move the car to go any where like dealers. I expected that it was on an under cover, and lifted the car. I removed an air cleaner box and the under cover, but could not find it. After searching  millions times, I found it on a lower arm. Role one more turn. It is more difficult to stay on it!

効果のほどは? Does it work?


  • How dare someone like me find the defference.




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